How It Works

Using BlancRide, you can get to work, home after a day at the office or to that important meeting downtown. Simply open the app, tell us where you need to go and when, and we'll find a driver going your way. Easy, right?

Matching driver and passenger

BlancRide's ride matching algorithm pairs you with a driver travelling along your route at the same time and date. No more waiting through another transit delay, cabs that never arrive or expensive ridesharing options.

Watch your driver arrive in real-time

Watch your driver as they drive towards your location in real-time. Need to get in touch with your driver? Chat with them using our new chat feature or give them a call through the BlancRide app - free.

Paying for your ride is as easy as 1-2-3

Once you have arrived at your destination, the cost of your ride is charged to your credit card on file. You'll also receive a detailed email receipt with information about your journey, which can be used to submit for reimbursement or for filing with your accountant.

Don't have a credit card? No problem. Connect your Paypal account to your BlancRide profile and you're good to go - with no extra transaction fees or surcharges.

Rate Your Driver

Feedback helps us improve our service. After each ride, please take a moment to rate your driver and let us know what you thought of your experience. Need help with a specific ride? Email our support team and we'll get you back on the road in no time.

Base Pricing

The cost of each ride is calculated on a $/km sliding scale. Below you will find our suggested $/km pricing. While booking a ride, both passengers and drivers can adjust the total cost of a ride up or down to meet their needs.

# of Km’s


0 - 30


30 - 50





Keep track of your eco-impact with every completed ride. This new feature calculates how many pounds of CO2 you save on each ride. See your progress under the Eco-Impact tab by watching your virtual tree grow. Save 600lbs in carbon emissions and we'll plant a tree for you. And they said saving the environment wasn't fun.

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