Taking a Ride

I have lost my phone and have an upcomming ride. What do I do?

If you have lost your phone and have an upcoming scheduled ride please proceed as if you had your phone.  If possible, contact support and let them know about the situation.  They may be able to provide assistance to you and the other party.

I forgot something in the driver's car. What do I do?

If you believe you have forgotten something in your driver's car please contact support.  Provide them with as much information about the situation and the item that was left in the car.  Our support service will do their best to arrange a way to resolve this issue.

Can I contact my driver when he or she is driving?

While driving, according to the laws in Canada, a driver is prohibited from using a hand-held cell phone.  Drivers are responsible for obeying all laws and regulations regarding the use of cell phones while driving.  We suggest that our drivers use a Bluetooth or handsfree device while driving.

Driver didn't show up to the pickup location.

Please give your driver a few extra minutes to show up to the pickup location or answer their phone.  If you are still unable to locate or contact your driver, cancel your ride and please contact support.  Brief them on situation to see if there is any help they can provide to locate your driver.

I can't find my driver.

The third-party map application blancride uses may be relaying your location slightly incorrectly.  If you can´t find your driver, please try using the call option to get in contact with them and let them know where you are waiting.