General Information

What does BlancRide mean?

The conception and origin of our company name, BlancLink, is a reflection of what we want to accomplish. “Blanc” (pronounced [blahngk]) is most commonly recognized as the French word for white, but in the original Old French it could also be taken to mean “shining.” Technology provides the Link that connects and empowers people, thus the reference to it in our name. Through technology, BlancLink hopes to be the shining solution to today’s problems.

BlancRide is a case in point for the influence that technology has on linkage. The essence of carpooling is that it connects people; it empowers individuals to share their resources. Our carpooling platform creates the link, and is the shining solution for an eco-friendly, cost-effective, convenient ride to your destination.

Why use BlancRide?

For our passengers, BlancRide provides a unique, fun, affordable, flexible, and safe carpooling service. Taxis are often expensive, and public transportation is often insufficient. We give our users an innovative approach to transportation which was nonexistent before. Find rides to your desired locations while meeting new friends in your community along the way.

For our drivers, BlancRide provides a way to cut down on the costs of transportation, or earn some extra cash by taking passengers to their desired locations. A BlancRide driver can essentially use their personal car as an unlicensed taxi. By using BlancRide you are also reducing the number of cars on the road, reducing traffic and reducing emissions.

How can I change my account information?

To change any information regarding your account, go to the “MY ACCOUNT” menu and select which information related to your account your wish to change. There is an "EDIT" button in the upper right corner of your screen.  When pressed, all information can be edited.  When finished, the same button that will now read "SAVE".  Press this button to update your information.

I can't login to my account.

Check to make sure your using the correct email address and password.  If you believe your information is correct, you can try re-setting your password and logging in again.

I am receiving an internet connection error message.

If you are receiving a message that the application can’t connect to the internet it is most likely because your phone is not connected to a network or your connection is not strong enough to process your request. With very poor or no internet connection you will not be able to request rides with BlancRide. Check your internet connection or search for other connections available.

If you believe you are connected to the internet and are still experiences problems using BlancRide, please contact support and we will look into the issue.

How can I sign up with BlancRide?

Upon opening the application, go to the login page and push the ¨SIGN UP¨ button. Enter the information asked of you and provide a photo of yourself. Click the save button and a new screen will prompt you to enter a confirmation code. The conformation code will be sent via a sms message to your phone.

Upon completion you will be able to begin using BlancRide. However, we also ask that within 12 hours of singing up to please confirm your email address provided to continue using the BlancRide service.

Who are the BlancRide drivers?

BlancRide drivers are the people of your city. They are community members, sharing their car, to cut down on commuting costs or to earn some extra cash.

Who can use BlancRide?

BlancRide is currently operating in Toronto, ON and is open to the public. We’re always looking at other markets; if you’d like to see BlancRide in your city, email, send us a tweet or write on our facebook page.

What devices support BlancRide?

BlancRide requires a smartphone with either an iPhone or Android operating system. We do not support tablets or Wi-Fi-only devices (e.g. iPod Touch) at this time.  BlancRide requires iPhones running iOS 7.0 or later.  Android phones must be running 4.0 and up.  Windows and Blackberry operating systems are not supported at this time. In the future we hope to provide our service with these devices.