Your feedback is very important to us. We want all members of the BlancRide community to feel that they can have impact on improving our service. We would like to hear all suggestions and positive experiences you have had while using BlancRide. Please, use the feedback menu option at any time to provide us with any information you feel will help improve our service. User suggestions will help us to continue to improve our application for the entire BlancRide community.

Rating system

After each ride we ask that you rate your driver or passenger. Driver and passenger ratings are viewable while making decisions to accept or pass ride offers and requests. Ratings are very important to us and we ask our users to take the rating process seriously. Accurate ratings keep our service safe and reliable.

BlancRide believes in maintaining rigorous standards for our drivers. Driver's ability to continuing driving with BlancRide is dependent upon their rating. Driver's with poor ratings are subject to investigation.

Additionally, passenger ratings are important information for our drivers. A passenger with a low rating may find it difficult to have their requests accepted by our drivers.

Push notifications

BlancRide relies on push notifications to notify users of all important information while using BlancRide. Because of this we strongly encourage you to keep your push notifications turned on at all times while using BlancRide. We use push notifications because we feel they are more reliable and offer a superior experience than SMS messages.

Ride scheduling

To schedule a ride you will need your smartphone and an internet connection. Simply open BlancRide, select your pick up and destination locations by pin pointing the locations on the map and push the SCHEDULE button. The next step is to select the date and time for your requested ride. We also ask that you provide your flexibility as well as if you would like repeat this same request for other future dates. Once this process is complete this ride request can be viewed in the "OPEN" tab of your "My rides" menu.

Now that scheduling is complete the application beings searching for matches that will give both the passenger and the driver the best option available. When a match is made, a notification is sent to your phone asking you to accept or pass the potential match. The ride status is now pending and will appear in the "PENDING" tab of your "My rides" menu. The driver is first asked to accept or pass on the matched passenger. If accepted, the passenger will then be notified and given the option to accept or pass on the driver. If both parties accept the match the completed match will now appear in the "CONFIRMED" tab in your my rides menu.

If either party choses to pass, the application will automatically begin to search for a new match.