Are you driving or riding?

Either way, tell the app where you need to go, and we’ll find you someone who’s headed the same way! Let’s not pretend that waiting for a bus or getting stuck alone in traffic isn’t the bane of our collective existence. Life is stressful enough – your commute shouldn’t have to be.

Real-time, Real-talk

See you’re going to ride with next via our social map. Need to get in touch with a BlancRider? Chat with them using our chat feature or give them a call through the BlancRide app - free.

You’ve got a Match

BlancRide’s matching algorithm is running 24/7 to pair you with those who are travelling along your route, whether you’re in need of a ride or offering one.
Or if you don’t want to wait for a match, feel free to peruse our Browse Rides features to see where everyone’s headed and if you can tag along!

Cash free. Stress free.

No more fumbling for change or IOUs! Once you have arrived at your destination, BlancRide sends all payment information to both parties. The cost of the ride is charged to the passenger’s credit card/PayPal, which will then be transferred to the driver via a direct deposit to their bank or Paypal account at the end of the month.

5 Stars or Nah?

After each ride, please take a moment to rate your fellow BlancRider and let us know what you thought of your experience!

Tell us where you’re headed…

…and we’ll tell you exactly how much you’ll pay or save!

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