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With our Eco-Impact feature, you can seamlessly track and report on your employees’ reduction of carbon emissions.

With a focus on GHG, if a small percentage of employees’ carpool instead of drive to work, the resulting reduction in the collective carbon footprint of the organization can be significant.

Optimize Parking

Facilitating carpooling amongst the employee population by allocating prime carpool parking spots can increase adoption and lower management and maintenance costs by reducing the demand for parking.

With employees carpooling together, parking is no longer as limited as it once was. Reduce space requirement and maintenance costs.

Recruit & Retain

Carpooling with BlancRide helps build a stronger culture, leading to higher job satisfaction and increased morale.

An incentivized carpooling initiative across all departments will facilitate a fluid and organic knowledge exchange and help the organization attract and retain top talent.

Make it Fun

Studies have shown that long commutes correlate with higher stress levels and adverse health effects. With BlancRide, your employees are able to enjoy a stress free commute.

A convenient and robust carpooling program can make the commute fun again and help employees extend their professional social network.

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